Hi, I'm Kristen...

an artist based in Illinois. I specialize in fluid media and consider myself an unconventional artist – instead of regular brushes, I use water, fire, airflow, and gravity as my tools
for achieving the most unique effects in my art.

Fluid art techniques allow me to fully embrace the power of Movement, Colors, and their impact on our feelings and emotions. And with every piece, I’m not only the creator but also a tool through which most beautiful forms come to life.

The biggest inspiration for my art is Nature with its endless forms of beauty and harmony in every process, every phenomenon, every creature, and every element of the micro and macro world.

And with my art, I attempt to explore and manifest this beauty, leaving room for viewers to find a reflection of what moves and inspires them the most. As I draw my inspiration from Nature, one of my biggest priorities is to ensure that my creative process is environmentally friendly.

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I can't wait to bring your ideas to life!

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